Celebrity Makeup Artist Michael Byron

How did you get started in the makeup industry?
I started out by assisting other artist after school. I still to this day enjoy assisting artists because you can always learn new or different ways to do something. I was told by the first makeup artist I ever worked with that “makeup is making it up as you go”.
How do you get inspiration for your makeup looks?
I pull inspiration from everything! If it’s for a red carpet I’m looking at what the hairstylist is doing, I look at the texture and color of the hair. Same with the dress - I look at the colours, texture and shape. It’s funny, sometimes I’ll be walking down Melrose and I’ll see graffiti or a window display that really has nothing to do with “makeup” but I love the color story or the combination of colors you normally wouldn’t do. There is inspiration everywhere; you just have to open your eyes :)


Photography by Dawn Kingston



 Photography by Luvgen Studio


What advice you would give to someone just starting out in the makeup industry?

The best advice I could give would be to HUSTLE! When I first started I pretty much said yes to everything, I built connections and because of those connections came opportunities that I am so thankful for. These opportunities are how I’ve gotten to where I am in my career and I just want to keep climbing. It’s somewhat unfortunate, but it’s 75% about your personality and 25% talent. You can be the most amazing artist but if you have a bad attitude or don’t vibe with your clients they most likely won’t book you again. So just be you and share your personality just as much as your talent. Lastly, always always remember to remain humble :)

What is the most memorable job you've done?

Omg I’ve had so many, I am so grateful for the opportunities I have been given. Working on Elton John’s Tour Book for his Farewell Tour was pretty iconic, I did makeup on the models and was able to meet him and his children, it was a surreal moment. Another one that just happened was when I worked alongside my friend @AllanFace for the Ouai Hair Campaign, seeing your work in Sephora is pretty freakin’ awesome :)


 Photography by Mike Rosenthal


Can you give us some lash tips and best ways to apply false lashes?

The best lash tip for strip lashes would be to cut those babies into sections. It’s going to make it 100% customizable to any client’s eye and will make it more comfortable.

Another trick that helps me to make sure the lash is completely seamless is by having the client look down and look side to side to ensure I can get the band down completely to prevent lifting later. 

Which Kasha style do you enjoy the most and why?

Au Natural is for sure my FAVORITE! It’s hard picking other favorites because I choose lashes based on what look I am doing and the clients eye shape, but if I had to choose others that I feel would work on ANYONE it’s Better Than Bare, Endless Love and Love Story. 

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