Celebrity Makeup Artist Natalie Malchev

A Los Angeles native and one of the youngest Union Local 706 members, Natalie’s talent and focus on makeup began at the age 21. She started to work on Americas Next Top Model and quickly rose to Key Makeup on shows such as Dish Nation on Fox. Over the years Natalie has become a go to makeup artist for many types of clientele.

How did you get started out in the makeup industry?

I was going to University for Journalism while I was working at Sephora. My sisters friend Glenn Nutley who is a big celebrity hair and makeup artist took me on as his assistant and I began to work with him on amazing projects. My first job was America’s Next Top Model with him. I learned a lot from him and especially from working at Sephora. I realized I wanted to be a full time freelance makeup artist in 2013 and have been doing that ever since!

How do you get inspiration for your makeup looks?

I love Pinterest, and I really love looking at runway makeup looks. I’ll take a wild runway look and create my own wearable look.

Any advice you would give to someone just starting out in the makeup industry?

Honestly, I would say work at Sephora. The brand is incredible and an unbelievable platform to learn techniques and to grow as an artist. It is like going to makeup school everyday because you get to work on different faces all day! You really gain so much experience through there! Also, practice practice practice! Practice on yourself, on your friends, on your mom, practice everyday. I still use my friends as models to try new looks! There’s always so much to learn! That’s why makeup is so much fun!


What is the most memorable job you've done?

Definitely my first major beauty ad campaign with Wet n Wild and my client Jasmine V. 




Can you give us some lash tips and best ways to apply false lashes?

When I apply individuals (my first choice) I ask my clients to keep their eye open and look down. They can blink whenever they have to. This makes sure that your applying the individuals in the most efficient way right at their lash root. I use tweezers to apply each lash for precision with the glue applied on the actual case of the lashes. If I am applying a strip lash, I measure and cut the lash to fit perfectly on my clients eyes. Then do the same technique. 


Which Kasha style do you enjoy the most and why?

I absolutely love the Silk Individuals! I love using all 3 sizes: small, medium, and large! I love creating a custom lash for my clients. I do a lot of red carpet looks for my clients and I feel so secure when I use individuals. I know that they are going to look the best and most natural for photos! The silk individuals are so unique because unlike other individuals they are not cut bluntly at their ends. They feather out and they blend seamless into the natural lash!

 Follow more of Natalie's work here @glambynatalie 

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