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Article: Q+A with Makeup Artist Janis Lozano

Q+A with Makeup Artist Janis Lozano

Q+A with Makeup Artist Janis Lozano

Janis Lozano is a hair and makeup artist, who also specializes in wardrobe styling.

Since she was was a child, she has always been involved in an artistic field, from singing/songwriting, dance, art, photography, jewelry design, acting and finally makeup artistry. Having worked for many years as a SAG Actress, Janis was inspired by the leading makeup artists in the industry, picking up tips along the way, eventually leading her to study her craft. Soon after Janis started working full time in NYC, developing a high-end clientele including many fashion designers, actors and politicians.

From Print, Commercial, Film and Television makeup to Red Carpet events, Janis is sought out for her talent and professionalism. She has worked with top photographers and has an extensive client list filled with celebrities and campaigns for big name brands like SUNO, Wrangler, Lee, NSF Clothing, Adidas, Macy’s, Marchesa, Marc Jacobs & Calvin Klein to name a few. Her work has been featured on catwalks for many of the NY Fashion Week, LA Fashion Week and Miami Swim Week shows, as well as publications such as Vogue, W, Details, Glamour, Allure, InStyle, Lucky, GQ, Ocean Drive, Southern Living, WWD, Nylon, Vulkan and more. 

She is represented by Directions USA in the SouthEast and splits her time between NC, NY & LA, traveling nationally and internationally for her work. 

KL: How did you get started out in the makeup industry?

JL: I actually started in front of the camera as an actor, but makeup artistry was a part of my upbringing, having my mother and my aunt influencing me, as they were also makeup artists. I found my passion at a very early age, and was always involved in an artistic field. Having studied Graphic Design and Photography in college, makeup was another form of self-expression and a way to bring to life my imagination. As an actor, I used to hang out around the hair & makeup trailers, picking the brains of these amazing artists, I was so blessed to get to work with. I was in awe of their creations and felt more at home in their makeup kits, than in front of the camera. Soon after, I decide to make the transition, and at the tender age of 18, while working at a retail makeup counter, I attended beauty school and invested in my education, taking classes at Make-up Designory (MUD), The Fashion Institute of Technology, and Dermalogica. I've had the opportunity to assist masters like Oribe Canales, Vincent Longo, Bobbi Brown & Frederick Fekkai. Starting my career in NYC gave me the opportunity to work along-side so many greats, absorbing all the knowledge and techniques I could, while also running a number one cosmetic account at Bloomigdale’s 59th Street. My cosmetic retail career led me to become a national and international educator for brands such as, Elizabeth Arden, L’Oreal (Yves Saint Laurent Beaute, Giorgio Armani & Biotherm) in Latin America, CREED, Hanae Mori & Carven Fragrances, and Beauty By Clinica Ivo Pitanguy, which took me to Mexico & France. I eventually left the retail world to focus solely on my freelance work full time, and to develop my celebrity clientele.

KL: How do you get inspiration for your makeup looks?

JL: As a fine arts artist, I was taught to look at everything around you to seek inspiration. Nature, shapes, colors, mood, weather, and all the things around us that affect our emotions. Makeup artistry is about emotion, not only can you make someone feel better with a little makeup, but you can affect their confidence, their mood, how they take on the world. For me inspiration lies in how I or my clients can affect our surroundings. Color theory taking over, finding ways to balance, to marry how we perceive color and other ways to interpret them. It can be an image I see, or the blend of colors in my dog’s fur, or maybe it starts with a color linked to energy and how I or my client feels about this project, and what we are trying to evoke. Then, I just let the process take over. When working with personal clients for red carpet or special events, I seek their input, their mood, how they want to feel, how they want to be perceived & what they chose to wear. 

KL: Any advice you would give to someone just starting out in the makeup industry?

JL: Be willing to work hard, do free work to get your book going, to get your name out there. Assist, be humble and kind. Take every opportunity that comes your way, and always show up on time. Be willing to wear many hats and do it with a pleasant attitude. Education is everything. Invest in workshops, classes, summits and anything you can that will bring your skill set to the next level. Continue education throughout your entire career, and never stop learning. Don’t be so critical of yourself and your work. Don’t compare yourself to others. Have faith in your passion and love for this industry and you will be successful. It takes time and hard work to be successful in this industry. Never put anyone down and always be willing to learn.

KL: What is the most memorable job you've done?

JL: Starting out in this industry, it was always a dream to be published in Vogue Magazine. In my career, I have been so blessed to be published in Vogue several times, but my second time to have this opportunity, was by far the most memorable. It was for the “GREAT” Britain Campaign in February of 2012, shot by the incredible Patrick Demarchlier (which was a dream of mine to work with) we had an A-list cast of talent: Anna Wintour, Victoria Beckham, Hamish Bowles, Tamara Mellon, Karen Elson, Jourdan Dunn, Georgina Chapman, Karen Craig, David Neville and Marcus Wainwright. The subway platform at Grand Central Station was closed down so we could shoot there on the tracks. Security was incredible as you can imagine, we had so many commuters from across the platform staring over at us, it made all of us feel like celebrities.

KL: Can you give us some lash tips and best ways to apply false lashes?

JL: Choose the right style for you . Always measure them to fit your own lash line. Bend and wiggle the lash strip to make it easier to conform to your lid, and be patient with application. Take your time letting the glue get sticky and use quality glue, like Kasha’s, that is additive free and stays on all day long. Good glue is crucial.

KL: Which Kasha style do you enjoy the most and why?

JL: My favorite Kasha style to work with are the Individual Silk Eyelashes and Au Natural in the Silk strip Eyelashes. Most of my clients or projects call for a natural lashline, and I find these give me that result without looking like they are faux. I just love them!

4  Quick Questions with Janis

  1. I can’t live without? Sunscreen
  2. Favourite beauty trend at the moment? Anything glitter or crystals
  3. One product that’s always in your makeup kit? Kasha Lashes of course!
  4. Beauty Secret? Castor oil, use it on skin, hair and nails. It’s amazing!


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