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The Kasha Lashes Story


Kasha Lashes began with a simple yet beautiful idea: to create lush, luxurious, reusable lashes that were affordable enough to use every day, and of the highest quality to create natural beauty for every woman.

With over 20 years of expertise as a trusted makeup artist to celebrity clients and brides, Kate was frustrated that the available limited-use lashes looked stiff and felt like plastic, making them uncomfortable to wear. Even the higher quality individual lashes, didn’t offer the reusability and easy-going accessibility for regular wear.  For so many of her clients with sensitivities, she wanted to create lashes that were light-weight and chemical free. 

Passionate about meeting her clients’ needs, Kate went to work developing the perfect lashes ~ Kasha, a handcrafted collection of lightweight, layered synthetic silk fibre lashes, that are durable enough to be worn time and time again, in a variety of styles from everyday eye-lifting looks to sexy, full and voluminous lashes. Kasha Lashes are so soft, they are even comfortable enough to be worn by children in the performing arts, and people who have lost their eyelashes from chemotherapy.

Once Kate started using them on her clients, they were so wildly popular, that her clients began raiding her professional makeup kit!  They didn’t want anything else.  Kate became known as “The Lashes Queen”, and word spread quickly amongst makeup artists about their secret source for the new gold standard in lashes. 

Kasha Lashes are now sold worldwide, at select retail outlets and online at