Kasha Lashes are known for their durability and designed with the highest quality materials to give you 20 or more wears per set, when handled with care. To apply, start by gently removing the lashes from the tray with tweezers at the cotton band, and avoid pulling individual strands. 


We have a variety of lashes to compliment all eye shapes, and trimming the flexible cotton band allows you to customize your fit perfectly. After removing from the tray, align the band with your natural lash line, and measure to fit the length of your own lash line. Using small scissors, trim off excess from the outer corner, if needed, so that the lash style is maintained. 


Apply a thin, even layer of lash adhesive across the cotton band. Let it set for 60 seconds before applying on the eye.  


Place lashes on the natural lash line, starting from the centre, then secure inner, then outer corners, and hold for a few seconds.  PRO TIP: Once the lash adhesive has completely dried, you may brush the eyelashes upwards to blend perfectly with your own lashes.


Use a cotton swab with oil-free makeup remover on the lash band to dissolve the glue at the corner. Avoid tugging, and gently pull off the lashes by the band, starting from the outer corner and pulling towards the direction of your tear duct.  Your false lashes should come off without much effort or discomfort.  Remember that when you “undress” your eyes, to remove any excess glue from the cotton band using makeup remover, and safely store your lashes back in the case to maintain their natural shape and condition.


We do not recommend swimming or showering while wearing your lashes. Using water, mascara or any other products on the lashes, may affect the curl and style of the lash, which has been specially handcrafted to look its best on you. There are many styles of lashes in the collection that can provide more, or less volume, when desired.